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This class will introduce students to use different art materials and mediums to draw, paint and ceramic making.

This class is designed to improve drawing, coloring and painting skills of the student.
Students will work with different art materials and mediums to draw and paint.

Advanced students will work independently on individual projects at their own pace with one-on-one guidance. They will be exploring subjects of their interest.

* Make-up classes will be offered as space allows. Please speak with your class Instructor to schedule a make-up class for your child. 


Ceramic Class

The kids pottery class (Ages 7-14) will be an 8 class session. The class will be both hand-building and wheel-throwing, focusing on clay as a medium, the transitions from greenware, to bone dry, bisque ware, and ceramic. Students will learn techniques such as coiling, pinch pots, slab work, carving and sculptural embellishments, as well as glazing techniques. After taking this course, students will be able to continue building on their skills and knowledge.


Portfolio Preparation

This class will help prepare, plan, and guide the serious art student to enrich and or prepare a demanding art portfolio requirement for high school or beyond.  Space 4 Art specializes in portfolio preparation for students interested in applying to art schools or colleges


Homeschool Classes

We accept Vouchers from the following Charter Schools:

     South Sutter Charter School

     Horizon Charter School

     Vision Charter School


We also offer private group classes (8 or more students).  Contact us for availability and details.

If you would like us to apply to be a Vendor for your Homeschool please let us know by filling out the Contact Us Form!


Free Trial Class

Free trial class is available for drawing class only which is the fundamental skill of all masterpiece creation.  If you would like to request a free trial class, please fill out the Trial Class Request Form and we will contact you for the date and time of your class.

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